Stemoxydine Experiment: Hair stimulant for beard growth

I’ve been researching on hair growth stimulants for my beard and came across an interesting biomimetic molecule used to stimulate hair growth. Before I get into the details lets clear up some ambiguity.

A lot of us here have used or are currently on the godsend minoxidil. The problem is if you discontinue use of minoxidil you’re new beard hair growth will fall out. Believe me it’s a matter of when. For some the new growth can fall out six months later. Others such as me, it took only three months and hairs began to miniaturize after the first crazy shed. I just want to shed light on that false theory that you keep what gets stimulated. It doesn’t matter whether the hair are transition or terminal. Think about the guys on here that responded to minoxidil then dropped the use (Fuzzyken, Oliwer, cultivatorB). They never came back years later reporting minoxidil sustained beard growth, because it didn’t. Don’t fool yourself guys, minoxidil is not a cure to hair/beard growth it’s an effective treatment, theres a big difference.

I loved minoxidil and it gave me an epic beard. However, realize that the dangers of this drug goes deeper than just side effects. You can suddenly developed an allergic reaction any time during the course of treatment. I’m talking oozing skin, pimples, burning sensation and ridiculous itching that’ll literally force you to stop. if that happens you’ll realize those hairs will either fall out or miniaturize. My friends and family wondered what happened to my beard. I tried so many ways to get back in the treatment but my skin refused it. It’s safer to go with a less severe treatment or just none. After exhaustive research, I stumbled across a new growth stimulant I found effective with beard growth. No DHT blockers. Its called stemoxydine.

Stemoxydine has a rather unusual mechanism to promote and proliferate hair growth. The molecule is itself is called “diethyl pyridine dicarboxylate” which targets stem cells by creating a hypoxic environment in the derma papilla. I’m guessing this inhibits oxidation allowing cells to live longer. Dormant hair cells return into anagen phase and thus, growth.  I won’t torture you guys much on the mode of action! It’s the closest to minoxdil in terms of hair “regrowth” without tight skin, dark puffy eyes pimples, ozzing skin and water retention. If your already on minoxidil then there isn’t too big of a reason for the switch except there aren’t any side effects. If you worry about the side effects of minoxidil or developed an allergic reaction like me then this may by option 2. Biggest downfall is the product takes a while to yield visible results. Not sure about 1,700 new hairs in 3 months but development continues on its own without further use. Everything else out there is just a scam (L-arginine, Har Vokse, Copper Peptides, Nanoxidil, Growth Factors, even Phytolium 4). I’ve tried most of these and sometimes lost beard density.

Stemoxydine is offered through a range of brands such as Densifique, Neogenic, Serioxyl but I’m currently on the cheaper deal Redken Cerafill. I’d have to say the Kerastase range was the most effective in beard growth but very costly. 149 USD for 180mL. To be honest minoxidil outperforms this product, its just butchers the skin! I made my routine 2mL per mornings and night lasting me waaaay over a month. The key here is to more apply in attention areas. For me it’s all of my cheeks, the goatee and jawline that need density. I let that dry then apply more. I take the time to get the product in the areas I really needed it. I do this consistently and I nearly have a full beard again with exception of some areas. Tbh, the hairs are slow in transitioning to terminal no matter how much of the product is applied. However the key is just to get new growth going. Two months into my journey I see the tinniest hairs getting the strength to grow. 4 months later the baby hairs continued to get thicker and thicker even without the product.