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About Game
Boom beach is really awesome game it is similar to clash of clans but must of people say it’s much better. The gameplay may be similar but when you look deeply you will see that everything is different from graphics, sound, battles…
Graphics in game is better then CoC and improved, the good engine makes it look nice and render fast so you don’t need to have better device to play it. When it comes to a sound it’s really amazing thing they done, the effects are amazing and game music too.  Also you will be able to grow up much bigger army and dominate your land and invade others. On that way you will meet a lot of enemies that you need to defeat and you will attack other islands explore and expand. While you exploring map don’t go too far cause other gamers can attack you and destroy your base. If we talk about Diamonds you can buy them or earn they by exploring new places and discovering hidden treasures. But with our boom beach cheats you will be able to dominate game. It is free to play which is awesome thing, it becoming even more popular because of that. The only drawback is, it is not available for Android but we hope it will be soon cuz there are more people using Android than iOS.
Our Review

About Boom Beach, Devices and Price
Boom beach is an action strategy game developed by Supercell, the makers of the highly successful hit title Clash of Clans. As a player, you can take to battle other players or against the computer. Boom Beach’s gameplay is much alike its predecessor’s Clash of Clans in terms of storyline where a player on an island forms defenses and organizes his troops ready to fight to death.
Boom beach is compatible with iOS platforms. Thus it works so well on the iPhone, iPad Touch and iPad. Although Boom Beach is available for free download, players eventually may end up spending on in-app purchases in order to advance faster by upgrading.

The setting is on an island on a tropical archipelago, you are equipped with defenses and troops with the help from an assortment of mines and strategic placement of defensive buildings.
The idea is to simultaneously build up attacking and defensive forces and engage in battle for resources. You can play against other players or attack computer generated bases. You will need to keep your headquarters safe and build up a troop that can pit other island’s headquarters.
When you are not engaging in battle, you are trying to upgrading your base using any of the nine resources available. Scarce as the resources are, you will have to really work for them; gold and wood are among them each having specific uses. A simple and effective tutorial guides you through the necessity for upgrading your headquarters and heading out to attack other players and computer-generated bases all over your map of the sea.
A support ship off the sea coast is available for you to send in first aid kits or even to fire off flares and guided missile to opponents once you have gathered enough points.
Player Experience

One of the most notable characteristics of Boob Beach, and perhaps a factor that gives it an edge against other action games, is that it is rich in choices of strategy. The pre-battle strategy, real-time attack and timely support blend in to form a uniquely engaging gaming experience that other games in app stores can’t easily catch up with. The combat system grants you greater control over your own fate.
In-app purchases are available for players who want to advance faster. These are can be purchased (it is a Supercell’s means of earning revenue) and therefore are not necessary for patient players. The good thing about these in-app purchases is that they are not heavily promoted like in the case of other games.
There is plenty of violence with the wide assortment of arms including guns, mortars, flamethrowers and other weapons. There is no sight of blood but there are shouts of agony whenever characters get hurt.

Boom Beach is more or less a clone and modernized version of Clash of Clans; that’s not to say it lacks in new thrill. Some players point out that the game’s requirements are ever growing thus the pace of progression is slowed down. All in all, Boom Beach is a kid-friendly game that sets itself apart with fascinating battle experience. Boom Beach is kid-friendly in that despite playing against strangers, there is no interaction whatsoever among players besides trying to destroy another player’s headquarters and raiding each other’s beaches. It is a game that creatively puts together freemium (Free Premium) elements, base-building and combat in order to create a compelling game that will keep you glued to it for longer and frequently keep coming back for that “one more play”. Boom Beach has its place in the competitive gaming world.

How to Use this tool

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What is Boom Beach, Anyway?

This game is delightfully addictive and many people all over the world enjoy playing Boom Beach on their smart phones or other mobile devices. During gameplay, you’ll battle the nefarious Blackguard, by using every bit of your cunning and brute strength!

This is a combat strategy video game and it is all about attacking enemy bases in order to liberate islanders who are forced to work as slaves. When you play the game cleverly, with skill and finesse, you’ll uncover all of the secrets of a tropical paradise!

Players create task forces with other players from all around the globe, with a mind to fighting a common enemy. Once you’ve scouted the region and created a battle plan, you’ll be ready to Boom the Beach!
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Do You Run Out of Gemstones?

A lot of players have trouble making progress in the game because they run out of gems too quickly. Unfortunately, Boom Beach doesn’t offer up the amount of gems that players need in order to excel! When you choose a hack, you’ll be able to access more gems and you’ll find that playing this free game is much more fun!

The issue with Boom Beach is that you’ll need to pay in order to access more gems without cheats or hacks. Most people don’t want to pay a cent in order to enjoy Boom Beach gameplay and this is why they turn to hacks and cheats.

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In terms of Boom Beach cheats, there is way to get more wood and having enough wood is vital to doing well in the game. If you want to try this cheat, be aware that you’ll need to trade 300 pieces of gold in order to get 300 planks of lumber. If this deal sounds fair to you, you may initiate the trade by tapping on a tree and then tapping a shovel. This cheat is simple and effective.

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